Well like a lot of people I hate to talk about myself and yet sometimes we have to.

I am the divorced father of three boys ages 22, 17, and 14. I try and spend time with all 3 of them every week. My goal today as it was from the day that they where born has been to raise them to be self reliant responsible young men.  I have been trying to teach them to live there life with honor. This means that they should be guided by asking themselves three questions. One, am I respecting myself? Two am on respecting the other person? Three, am I doing the right thing? And am trying to teach them to it in that oder. Of course the first part of teaching the boys this is living my life this way. Yes it is a little old fashioned but I think that we could really use some old fashioned values now and again.

I am a simple guy, that most of the time likes the simple things in life like Good Friends, Traveling near and far and putting mile after mile on my old motorcycle. I am a techie, geek that loves to keep learning. I look forward to learning something new and meeting someone new everyday.

Last but not least at all. I love the work that I do starting with leading teams of talented engineers to dealing with all of the diverse engineering disciplines to last but not least the challenge of translating the different languages of so many disciplines to the others so that when it all comes together everyone felt like they had a part. When everyone truly understands that whole project and process wither it be the CEO,CFO, or the first layer tech support then everyone feels that they own a piece of it and can feel a sense of pride in the product that gets delivered.

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Travel, Photography, Sport-Touring Motorcycles, Family Time, Good  Friends, Learning New Things, and Exploration. 
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